Gudelj i Dimitrijević ispod linije, Lopes ubedljivo najbolji na Otvorenom Prvenstvu Portugala

Gudelj and Dimitrijevic miss the cut, Lopes surely the best on the list

During 4 days of the Portugal Open Championship, which was held from February 14 to 17 in Montado Golf Resort,  Vitor Lopes played great golf.

A sensational victory a week earlier among the professionals  on the Alamos Classic Portugal Pro Golf Tournament, Vitor continued with a good game during the championship and finished the competition with -15.


Gudelj and Mihailo Dimitrijevic were representatives of Serbia, and after two days of the game, they scored the result of +7 and +8, but that was not enough to be placed in the final tournament day.

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We arrived in Portugal in time to play two practice rounds. The first day of the tournament with the driver I did not feel comfortable and it contributed to  the loss of 3 balls and result +7. The second day of the tournament was better and divers were great, and I missed two putt of a meter, the result was 0 instead -2.

Unfortunately, the third day of the tournament the games were not held because it was a fog, so just two days of the game counted for the passage” ,  said Gudelj.

120 competitors participated in the Open Championship of Portugal, while 20 remained below the list. In addition to a player  on the WAGR list, the right to participate had 20 Portuguese players with a call from the their federation. Fild was made by players more than 13 different countries with “plus”handicap.

We are waiting now for the Open Championship of Italy , where we will look our players again.