Friendly Match play Serbia-Slovenia

On the golf course Livada in Moravske Toplice in Slovenia, from 15-16.05. the national team of Slovenia and Serbia met to play friendly match play event as an introduction to team championships that wait us in the summer months.

Foto: Mirko Kunšič

The team of Slovenia consisted of: Žan Luka Štirn, Mark Trnovec, Jan Hribernik, Luka Naglič, Kristjan Vojteh Burkelca and Vid Potočar, with coach Uroš Gregorič. The team of Serbia was consisted of: Branimir Gudelj, Mihailo Dimitrijevic, Ranko Helc, Marko Jokic, Dane Cvetkovic, Sergej Stojiljkovic with the coach Vladimir Simeunovic.

Foto: Mirko Kunšič

On the first day three matches were played in a foursome format in which Slovenians  won all three matches. On the second day, matchplay was playing,  where Dane Cvetkovic won Mark Trnovec 1up and Branimir Gudelj played AS against Žan Luka Štirn. Overall result Slovenia 7.5: 1.5 Serbia.

The Junior League of Serbia started

The beginning of the spring is reserved for the first tournaments of the youngest golfers, who met in Belgrade on April 17th and then in Žabalj  on May 15th.

In the part of the Juniors Challenge competition, the participants are divided into HCPs and remain in the category where they from the start of the  competition season, regardless of the later changes in the handicap.


Mini and Midi Cup are tournaments designed for golfers beginners, who play 4 or 6 holes from junior tee and  earn the first competitive steps on the golf courses  in Serbia.


After two rounds, in I category (HCP to 18.4) leads Lara Todorovic (GCB) with only a point more than Momir Vickovic (GCB) and Vukasin Suturovic (GKS). Mia Aleksic (GCB) is in the first place in category II (HCP to 36) while in the third category (HCP to 54) Nikola Petrovic (GCB) is in the first place.


Our young hopes during the summer expect  new tournaments of the league, the Serbian Open Junior Championship and the Camp of perspective golfers.


The results of the individual round and overall placement  you can find HERE.

Serbian Open 2018

On Saturday, May 12, the  Serbian Open  was completed. Competitors from 12 countries, divided into categories, 39 men and 10 ladies met on the golf course of the  Golf Club Belgrade in Belgrade.

Leading players after  first day of the round singled out as favorites, and so it was until the end of the tournament.On the second day, the top three ended with a score of +3.


Mihailo Dimitrijevic was hitting the eagle from the sand on the 16th hole. The final score of +2 was sufficient for the first place. Second place took Luka Strašek +9, 3rd place Branimir Gudelj +10 who, thanks to a better game on the last few holes, was better placed than Mark Trnovec who finished with the same score of +10.


In the women’s competition after the first day, Natalia Gusheva from Russia played one under the PAR. In addition to her, Gloria Handl from Austria with +2 and Rivekka Jumagulova from Kazakhstan with +3. The third day of the game brought the most excitement, when Rivekka played a great round and confirmed the course record of -6. The final placement for the lady: Rivekka Jumagulova -1, Natalia Guševa +5, Gloria Handl +7.


In the National  Champinship the best are:

1. Mihailo Dimitrijevic

2. Branimir Gudelj

3. Dane Cvetkovic

1. Lara Todorovic

2. Tamara Palkovljevic

3. Jelisaveta Vasiljevic


General Secretary GAS, Irena Suturović Bogdanović, awarded  the trophies at the Closing ceremony.

For complete Results click HERE.