Golf in the project “Sport in schools”, in cooperation with the Serbian School Sports Federation

General Secretary GAS, Irena B. Suturović and General Secretary of the Serbian School Sports Federation, Uroš Savić, signed a contract on how children in elementary schools in Serbia will learn golf.

Serbian School Sports Federation, the last 5 years with the action Sport in schools motivate children to additionally deal with sports outside the basic classes of physical education. “Sports in School” is free project intended for children aged 1 to 4 Classes of elementary school, funded by the Ministry of Youth and Sports. Also, the project is under full support Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development and it is implemented by the Serbian School Sports Federation in more then 100 primary schools throughout Serbia.

The program “Junior School of golf”, which GAS implemented for several years, includes training sessions to familiarize with basic golf concepts, strokes and golf virtues and also, it meets the basic kids needs for movement and play. It was presented to Serbian School Sports Federation at the Sports Fair in Belgrade.


“Golf carries values like the other sports too, but golf requires more cultures and behaviors on the field, and so we want to enrich that in our program “Sports in School “. Golf Association provides equipment for children and the work of the professor is financed through us. Currently we have launched a program in 10 locations and for now, the children and professors are very interested. We hope that we will expand cooperation over time” – said Savić.


“In the beginning of March children in Serbia will have the opportunity to get acquainted with golf, and in agreement with the Serbian School Sports Federation we plan to expand cooperation to at least 10 more locations. Special equipment (SNAG) is also provided, adapted to training conditions inside and outside and the ages of the children. Schools in the south and east of Serbia will be able to get acquainted with the new sport” – said Irena Suturović.


Training of teachers who are in the project was held at the end of the month and then was given and SNAG (Start new at golf) equipment for training.
The trainings are starting from the first of March in the city Apatin, Beograd, Zaječar, Zrenjanin, Kragujevac, Niš, in Prijepolje and in Subotica.

Gudelj i Dimitrijević ispod linije, Lopes ubedljivo najbolji na Otvorenom Prvenstvu Portugala

Gudelj and Dimitrijevic miss the cut, Lopes surely the best on the list

During 4 days of the Portugal Open Championship, which was held from February 14 to 17 in Montado Golf Resort,  Vitor Lopes played great golf.

A sensational victory a week earlier among the professionals  on the Alamos Classic Portugal Pro Golf Tournament, Vitor continued with a good game during the championship and finished the competition with -15.


Gudelj and Mihailo Dimitrijevic were representatives of Serbia, and after two days of the game, they scored the result of +7 and +8, but that was not enough to be placed in the final tournament day.

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We arrived in Portugal in time to play two practice rounds. The first day of the tournament with the driver I did not feel comfortable and it contributed to  the loss of 3 balls and result +7. The second day of the tournament was better and divers were great, and I missed two putt of a meter, the result was 0 instead -2.

Unfortunately, the third day of the tournament the games were not held because it was a fog, so just two days of the game counted for the passage” ,  said Gudelj.

120 competitors participated in the Open Championship of Portugal, while 20 remained below the list. In addition to a player  on the WAGR list, the right to participate had 20 Portuguese players with a call from the their federation. Fild was made by players more than 13 different countries with “plus”handicap.

We are waiting now for the Open Championship of Italy , where we will look our players again.